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The new 2019 One Alternative lineup: Mark Openlander, Jill Haley, Dana Weiderhold, Tim Celfo, Tony Deangelis.

ONE ALTERNATIVE is Jill Haley on oboe/English horn, Dana Allaband on violin , Mark Oppenlander on various acoustic guitars, Tim Celfo on bass, and Tony Deangelis on drums.

Rather than having its music labeled by others, ONE ALTERNATIVE describes its music as an acoustic fusion that blends jazz, rock, folk and classical styles into a sound that is uniquely ONE ALTERNATIVE.

Upcoming Live Performances

Sunday, September 1, 2019
Kennett Brewing Company
109 South Broad Street
Kennett Square, PA
From 6-9PM (more info)
Sunday, May 19, 2019
118 North
118 North Wayne Avenue
Wayne, PA
Opening is Brian Fitzy at 6:30 PM
One Alternative takes the stage at 7:50 PM. (more info)

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